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RUM Return of Unwanted Medicines

Your medicine cabinet can be a health hazard

Most of the medicines in our medicine cabinet we need, but what about the yellow pills in a jar that’s lost its label, and the
eye drops we have had for a long time. And what was that tablet Quivinrox B-Sulphamate for? Evidence over many years confirms that medicines “stored” in the home can be the source of poisonings of children, and the source of confusion with aged patients. Accident and Emergency departments of major hospitals report alarming rates of poisonings of children due to household poisons (one in four admissions). Patients of all ages can become confused by the variety of medicines previously prescribed and then changed in subsequent doctor visits. Medicines, and chemicals in general, can contaminate the environment when discarded via landfill sites and sewerage facilities. By returning out-of-date and unwanted medicines to your local pharmacy, you can make your home a safer place.


Just put all your unwanted and expired medicines into a container and take the container to Spearwood 7 Day Pharmacy for disposal.

What happens to my medicines?

A RUM Project approved container with RUM Project approved liner, lid and liner seal, is delivered by the pharmacy’s wholesaler. It looks like a bright yellow bucket with a sealable plastic lid. The container is kept in a section of the pharmacy usually the dispensary which the public does not have access. When notified, the wholesaler delivery person collects the full container and a new empty container is placed in use.